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Pluristyx and Stemmatters Announce Partnership to Develop and Manufacture iPSC-derived MSC Banks

May 12, 2023 – Seattle, Washington and Guimarães, Portugal – Pluristyx and Stemmatters are excited to announce a new partnership to accelerate the development of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived advanced therapies. Built on the strengths of each company, this collaboration brings together complementary expertise to realize a shared vision on the future of regenerative medicine. In the scope of this partnership, Stemmatters and Pluristyx will collaborate in the advancement of next generation of iPSC-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (iMSCs), engineered iMSCs and biological products produced from conditionally immortalized iMSC lines that include exosomes and conditioned media.

The partnership marks a significant step forward in the translation of Pluristyx's technology from discovery/early-stage research into clinical use. Pluristyx has unparalleled expertise in iPSC generation and banking, and with this partnership has identified Stemmatters as a manufacturing partner towards large-scale, custom-designed and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)-compliant production of iMSC banks. Moreover, Pluristyx will be able to better serve its customers by guaranteeing a streamlined and efficient transition from research-evaluation into clinical stages.

Stemmatters is a Portuguese Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (´CDMO´) focused on regenerative medicine solutions, including advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Stemmatters addresses product/process development and cGMP manufacturing, supporting clinical translation of high impact medicinal products. Stemmatters brings a wealth of experience and expertise in stem cell expansion, characterization, cryopreservation and banking services. This partnership will allow Stemmatters to broaden its internal capabilities and current operational footprint into the field of iMSC technologies. Stemmatters will extend its service offering and qualify itself as a reference CDMO for iMSC manufacturing and banking. In the near future, Stemmatters will extend its capabilities to offer cGMP-compliant gene editing services to its customers, providing access to high-quality custom-generated iMSC lines.

The collaboration will focus on the large-scale manufacturing of iMSC banks for both non-clinical and clinical research projects, offering an end-to-end comprehensive range of services to clients developing iPSC-based technologies. This will enable Pluristyx and Stemmatters to provide their customers with a reliable, scalable, high-quality and cost-effective source of iMSCs to accelerate the translation from research and development, into clinical and commercial phases.

"We are thrilled to partner with Stemmatters to advance our proprietary iMSC technology into the clinic," said Mahendra Rao, Chief Scientific Officer at Pluristyx.  “We believe the combination of Pluristyx’s proprietary iMSC technology with Stemmatters CDMO expertise will become an industry-leading resource for cell therapy developers."

"Stemmatters is excited to be partnering with Pluristyx," said Rui A. Sousa, CEO and Chairman of Stemmatters, "We look forward to leveraging our collective expertise to accelerate the development of innovative iPSC-based therapies that have the potential to transform patients' lives".

About Pluristyx:

Pluristyx with panCELLa offers an enlarged portfolio of unique and effective non-modified and genetically engineered iPSC-based technologies and related services to provide end-to-end client support throughout the product lifecycle. Pluristyx is fast becoming the leading provider of gene-edited iPSC and cell therapy solutions, accelerating the path to clinic and providing the best route to commercialization.

About Stemmatters:

Stemmatters is a CDMO based in Portugal offering fully integrated and cost-competitive services to the advanced therapy community. The company's team of highly skilled scientists and technicians has a proven track record of success in the stem-cells banking services. Stemmatters is committed to providing its customers with a reliable and cost-effective source of iPSCs for use in their research efforts, and support construction of a clinical development and commercial supply chain.

Pluristyx Contact:

Brian Hawkins, PhD, Chief Technology Officer
215-694-6040 | Brian.hawkins@pluristyx.com

Stemmatters Contact:

Cristiana B. Cunha, PhD, Head of Business Development
+351 253 165 230 | cbcunha@stemmatters.com