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Meet Our Team: Diogo Cortez

Our success is closely linked to the competences, knowledge and commitment of our team. During “OurTeam” series, we will introduce our team members, their motivation and ambition at Stemmatters.

We start by Diogo Cortez, our Digital Marketing Specialist. Diogo holds a Master degree in Digital Marketing and has more than 5 years of professional experience in planning and executing digital marketing strategies. He joined Stemmatters in April 2021 to design and implement our digital communication strategy.

We posed Diogo 3 questions concerning his motivation and experience in working at Stemmatters:

What motivated you to join Stemmatters?

"I was motivated to assume an important role in the creation and implementation of a B2B digital marketing strategy for a highly innovative and dynamic company such as Stemmatters. Moreover, applying digital strategies in a competitive and specialized market like the one in which Stemmatters operates is clearly a challenge for me."

How would you describe Stemmatters’ Team?

"We have a very dynamic and resilient team focused in innovating. There is an enormous openness to discuss ideas and identify solutions. Our teamwork is essential to learn fast and evolve quickly."

How would you describe your job to a group of persons who know nothing about B2B Digital Marketing?

"Well, Business-2-Business (B2B) Digital Marketing consists of developing and implementing marketing strategies for products or services offered to other businesses (companies) through digital channels. In the case of Stemmatters, my role is to develop and execute strategies aimed at improving company’s digital presence as well as develop new ways of relating digitally with our clients."