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Meet Our Team: Pedro M. Costa

Being supportive, respectful, and responsible toward our team is part of our mission.

This month, our Head of Operations, Pedro Costa, celebrates 5 years at Stemmatters.

Pedro Costa is a highly accomplished scientist holding a Biochemistry degree from the University of Coimbra and a Ph.D. from the same university in collaboration with Columbia University, USA. With over ten years of experience in biomedical research, he specialized in nanocarrier development for therapeutic use in human diseases. Pedro's expertise extends to primary and stem cell handling, cell-based assays, genome editing, and animal surgery. His journey embodies dedication to scientific advancement, making a significant impact on our organization's activities.

In this #OurTeam “episode” we had a chat with Pedro to learn a bit more about his experience over the last 5 years at Stemmatters.

Describe this past year at Stemmatters.
The past 5 years at Stemmatters have been, among other things, an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as a continuous learning experience, driven by the desire to improve and the depth of knowledge that our colleagues share on a daily basis. 

How would you describe Stemmatters’ team?
Stemmatters team is, in my view, a special combination of youth and experience, bonded by a genuine camaraderie. They are the drivers/enablers of the culture of trust and support that allows each individual to grow, and that is paramount to Stemmatters' success. Although it might sound cliche, our team is indeed our greatest strength.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting a career in a life sciences SME?
Working in an area that is very challenging and constantly advancing requires, in my view, an equal capacity to adapt and improve on a daily basis. As such, (i) be open-minded and willing to learn with colleagues who are working with you, (ii) work hard but, more importantly, smartly, as your time (and that of your colleagues) is a great resource, and (iii) be responsible and thoughtful of your actions, as they can have a great impact on the people around you.