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Meet Our Team: Catarina T. Antunes

Being supportive, respectful, and responsible toward our team is part of our mission.

This May our Junior Manufacturing Assistant, Catarina Antunes, celebrates her first Stemversary. Catarina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, and a Master’s in Medicine and Molecular Oncology from the University of Porto. At Stemmatters she is developing skills in GMP manufacture of biologics and support documentation. 

In this #OurTeam "episode” we had a chat with her to know more about Catarina’s daily motivation at Stemmatters.

Describe this past year at Stemmatters in one small sentence.
The last year at Stemmatters allowed me to broaden my fields of expertise and overcome various challenges, which made me grow immensely, not only as a scientist but also on a personal level.

What makes our workplace culture unique?
For me, the team is what makes Stemmatters so unique. Young, innovative and motivated people, who support each other and work daily towards the same goal, aiming to have a real and meaningful impact on society.

What motivates you to continue working at Stemmatters?
The possibility to work in a different and more industrial field, developing new skills and expanding my horizons. Getting out of my comfort zone and getting involved in different projects, alongside a supportive and enthusiastic team, are definitely some of the key factors that motivate me to continue working at Stemmatters.

Who or what inspired you to persue the carrer you have today?
I believe that a career in health sciences has always been the only option for me to pursue, as there is so much to explore and so many new things to discover...What inspired me the most was the need to search and find something that would have a positive impact and overall improve someone's life.