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Our biomaterial research and development centres on unique platforms offering excellent scope for tailoring biological and physicochemical properties for breakthrough therapeutic applications.
mimsys is a platform of biopolymers aimed at providing efficient delivery of cells or other therapeutic agents in regenerative medicine and drug delivery applications contexts.


Delivery, retention and engraftment of cells at target site inside the body remains as one of the biggest challenges for cell based therapeutics.

Stemmatters is developing novel encapsulation matrices that provide facile cell delivery into the body by minimally invasive methods and promote high cell retention at delivery site.

STM-148B is a highly biocompatible hydrogel endowed with fast gelling capability that enables therapeutic delivery and maintenance of cells ex vivo and in vivo.
Intended clinical use of STM-148B targets delivery and retention of cells for repair of focal cartilage defects, for which clinical development and CE marking is currently being pursued.

STM-148B supports minimally invasive surgery and avoids use of additional mechanical fixation aids, providing a simple, cost effective and patient convenient approach to repair of cartilage defects.

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Stemmatters is currently exploiting the development of its mimsys platform for several indications.

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